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With our carefully curated lessons and practical examples, you'll feel more at ease expressing yourself in various business scenarios and interactions.

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Practice using business English in short, engaging lessons that take just 5 minutes a day, fostering consistent language development and boosting your overall fluency.

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Transform Your Business English in Just

5 Minutes a Day

Are you ready to take your business English to new heights? Our Word of the Day - Free Week course offers a remarkable opportunity to enhance your language skills effortlessly, all with just 5 minutes of dedication each day. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, this course is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule while delivering significant results.

Daily Dose of Business Vocabulary: Each day, you'll receive a new word, along with its definition, sample sentences, and related expressions. With consistent exposure to essential business terms, you'll quickly expand your vocabulary and gain confidence in using them effectively.

A Personalized Learning Journey: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all courses. Our Word of the Day Free Week is tailored to meet your unique needs, making it ideal for intermediate and advanced learners seeking continuous growth. You'll receive carefully curated lessons that focus on relevant topics and practical vocabulary used in real business scenarios.

Interactive and Engaging: Learning should be fun! Our interactive lessons, quizzes, and engaging activities keep you motivated throughout the course. Say goodbye to tedious language drills and hello to enjoyable learning experiences.

Flexible Learning: Worried about keeping up with the course? Don't be! Our Word of the Day Free Week allows you to learn at your own pace. Access lessons whenever and wherever you want, making it the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle.

Instant Application: Put your newfound knowledge to work right away. With each word you learn, you'll discover how it seamlessly integrates into various business contexts, making your day-to-day communication more effective and professional.

Upgrade to the Full Course: Once you experience the power of just 5 minutes a day, we know you'll want more! Elevate your language skills to the next level with our Word of the Day Yearlong Course. Enroll now, and unlock access to a treasure trove of words, expressions, quizzes, and personalized feedback from our expert instructors.

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You'll learn:


Practical Business Vocabulary: Master essential words and phrases used in meetings, negotiations, presentations, and daily office interactions.


Confidence in Conversations: Build your conversational fluency and gain the confidence to engage in business discussions with ease.


Cross-Cultural Communication: Enhance your cultural sensitivity and adaptability to connect with international clients and colleagues.


Professional Language Etiquette: Understand the nuances of formal and informal language to communicate confidently in various business settings.


Try Before You Buy: Enjoy the Free Week of lessons. You will learn 7 words of Business English and also take a quiz to reinforce your learning.

How does this course work?

The Word of the Day - Free Week course is designed to be simple, flexible, and easily accessible, making it the perfect addition to your busy professional life. Here's how it works:

Daily Emails: Once you sign up for the free course, you'll receive daily emails for seven consecutive days. Each email will introduce you to a new business-related word, complete with its definition, sample sentences, and related words. With just a quick read, you'll be able to expand your vocabulary effortlessly.

Short and Sweet: We understand the demands of your professional life, which is why each daily email will only take approximately 5 minutes to read. Whether you're on your morning commute, enjoying a coffee break, or winding down after work, you can easily fit in this language improvement opportunity.

Website Access: All the lessons from the Free Week course will also be available on our website. This means you can revisit the words and their usage anytime you like, even after the week is over.

Quiz and Certificate: After completing the 7-day journey, you'll have the chance to put your newfound knowledge to the test with a quiz. This quiz will cover all the words you've learned during the Free Week course. Upon successfully passing the quiz, you'll receive a downloadable certificate, recognizing your dedication to improving your language skills.

Feedback and Future Opportunities: We value your feedback and want to continue supporting your language learning journey. Feel free to share your thoughts on the Free Week course, and consider exploring our other 4 Business English courses, such as the comprehensive Word of the Day Yearlong Course or the tailored Elemental Business English course.

Are you ready to elevate your Business English vocabulary and communication skills in just a few minutes a day? Join the Word of the Day - Free Week course now and unlock the potential of language proficiency for your professional growth.

About the Instructor

Originally from the United States, he was a professor in Georgia for several years. He has extensive experience teaching Business English to professionals both in the classroom and individually. Additionally, he developed a master's program focused on International Business Law.

Prior to his career in academia, Professor Barrett was a practicing attorney in the United States, where he gained significant courtroom and jury trial experience. Before law school, he worked in financial companies. His diverse background and experience make him a highly qualified instructor for this course.

"As an experienced language educator with a passion for empowering professionals worldwide, I am thrilled to be your instructor. With over a decade of teaching experience, I have helped countless individuals enhance their language skills and excel in their careers. 

With a focus on practicality and real-world application, I am dedicated to making your language journey enjoyable and effective. My commitment to your success drives me to develop engaging lessons that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. This free course is a great way to improve your vocabulary, boost your confidence, and unlock endless opportunities for growth in your professional pursuits. Let's embark on this transformative learning experience together!"

Timothy Barrett

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