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Then this Conversational course is for you! You will enjoy 1-on-1 tutoring and the lessons will be tailor made to suit your needs!

Course Main Features

This is a great way to improve both your speaking and listening skills. You will have individual video calls and have the opportunity to discuss relevant business issues. The instructor will work with you to develop a program of topics that are suited for improving your oral skills and relevant to your profession.

Professional training to improve your skills and marketability 

Tailored to meet your needs and achieve your goals

Flexible to fit your schedule 

Virtual meetings that are easy to attend. (Laptop or tablet is preferred over a phone.)

Who This is For


Anyone who works in business or other professions who wants to improve their Business or Professional English skills.

Seeking help with interviews or presentations

If you are preparing for interviews or giving presentations in English, then this tutoring will help you!

Business Students / Early Career Business People

Students studying business or related fields, at the bachelor or graduate level, who are looking to prepare for their career.

Also, people who are early in their career, and would like to improve their professional communication skills.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Meet your instructor and learn more about the course. Don't delay - start your lessons today!

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What you will get during this Conversational Course

At the first lesson we will meet and discuss your needs and goals. We will decide what program we should use for the lessons to help you the most.

  1. 1
    This course can be used in conjunction with our other courses (e.g., Elemental Business English) or by itself. If you are taking a course at the same time, we can discuss the module you have just completed, or the module you are about to start. This is an excellent way to reinforce the online course.
  2. 2
    We will discuss your goals and current level of Business English. We will devise a lesson plan that will be the most interesting and beneficial for your needs.
  3. 3
    Lessons usually take place once or twice a week. We will find a time that is mutually convenient - this can include evening hours or weekends, as many students are working during normal office hours.
  4. 4
    We will meet virtual through Zoom or similar meeting platform. Please do not be late for lessons and check your internet connection in advance.

subject matter

Possible Topics For Our Lessons

When you purchase lessons, we will discuss what you want to work on and what goals you have. We will customize a lesson plan just for you. The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas that I have worked with students on in the past. 

Strictly Conversational

We can discuss various business (and other) topics to get practice and improve your conversational skills.

4BE Course Related

We can discuss and practice what was covered in any 4 Business English course you are taking.

Related to Other Courses

If you are taking a course in English and want some help and support.

Help with Texts

Some students want help reading and understanding some challenging texts or other materials.

Interviewing Skills

I have helped many people prepare for important interviews (new job, promotion, client interviews, etc.) 

Application Strategies and tips

If you are applying to a University or for a Job, we can discuss your application and helpful strategies.


If you have business presentations that you are preparing for, we can discuss helpful techniques and practice your presentation.

Public Speaking

I can help you prepare to speak publicly and improve your confidence before the big day.

Corporate Culture

I have helped many people acclimate to a new corporate culture. This can be challenging when you are working for a foreign company or in a foreign land.

Writing Help

If you want to improve your writing (email, report writing, memos, etc.), we can customize lessons to achieve this.

Vocab & Grammar 

We can improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. 


You tell me what you need help with and we can work together towards this goal. 

simple and easy.

See How Easily You Can Improve Your Business English Conversational Skills

About the Instructor

Timothy Barrett is the instructor for Business English Conversational. Originally from the United States, he has been a law professor in Georgia for the past several years. Currently, he is working on 4 Legal English, 4 Business English, and related projects.

Professor Barrett has taught business, law, writing, and English courses to university students, business professionals, practicing attorneys, and judges.

Before moving to Georgia, he was a practicing attorney in the United States, with significant courtroom and jury trial experience. He has a background in business and civil law, working in private practice; before law school he worked at Morgan Stanley and Vanguard, two of the largest financial companies in the United States. He also has experience in criminal law, as a prosecutor and as a decorated police officer with the New York Police Department.

Timothy Barrett

Professor and Lecturer

What Students Say About Timothy

Very Great Teacher

A very great teacher, Thanks Tim. You have helped me a lot so my confidence raise a lot after taking the lesson with you. You always provide very useful and valuable suggestions for me. So i learn so much from your lesson.

Jack Small Business Owner

Lots of Practice Opportunity

The business expression taught in class were useful and there are lots of practice opportunity. Look forward to learn more about other business English in next lesson.

Ben Business Executive

Willing to listen

Timothy is really a good English teacher. He is willing to listen to what the student need and try to offer the best to help with. He gave feedback to every single practice and let me know what I can do better to meet the requirement for the test. Thanks Timothy.

Vian Business Student

Encouraged me to speak

Timothy ask a lot of questions and initiated topics related to myself and my work, which in turn encouraged me to speak. He also corrects my mistakes in a subtle way so the conversation is not being disturbed.

Terrence Physicist

Learned a lot

I can only recommend him as a teacher! I felt really comfortable in the lessons I had so far and learned a lot in a short period of time.

Dilara Attorney

Knows what he is talking about

I felt like he knows what he is talking about and can really help me.

Dilara Attorney

Encourages Me

I like the way how Timothy plan for the course. He always cuts to the chase. We can practice a lot and won't waste any time in the class. He reminds me to pay attention to some details patiently and gives me many examples which help me to memorize those. The most important that he always encourages me so I can have more confidence to speak better. Thanks Timothy.

Vian Business Student

Customized the Lesson

Teacher will customize the lesson which was suitable for you. Always being patient and willing to share experience. We practiced business English expression which was pretty useful.

Anonymous Account Manager

Shares his own Experiences

Teacher is nice and willing to share a lot of local practices and his own experience about business [and] presentations

Anonymous Account Executive


Ready to Begin?


5 Lessons

  • Private Lessons with instructor, Timothy Barrett 
  • 5 lessons; 60 minutes each
  • Virtual meeting (via Zoom or similar medium)
  • Course content will be tailor made to match your needs



12 Lessons

  • Private Lessons with instructor, Timothy Barrett 
  • 12 lessons; 60 minutes each
  • Virtual meeting (via Zoom or similar medium)
  • Course content will be tailor made to match your needs
  • Increased value: 12 lessons for the price of 10!

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