How to Write a Proper Email

Have you ever:

  • had difficulty writing an email? 
  • struggled to find the right level of formality when writing an email?
  • received a response to your email, that did not solve the issue of your email?
  • or not received a response at all?

Then this online course is for you!

Learn How to write a proper email

Communicate Better

Email is how business gets done and how people communicate. Improve your communication skills by writing better emails.

Increase Response Rate

Learn how to draft your emails in order to increase the response rate. What good is an email sent, if you never get a reply?

Professional Email Writing

Become more confident by: learning how to write effective emails; understanding the language of emails; and strategically writing effective emails.

Learn the 2 Questions 

You Need to Ask

Before Writing any Email

Don't start typing until you think about these two very important questions! This can be the difference between a great email and just another email, or a successful email instead of an ignored or barely-read email.

How to Write a Professional Email: Topics

Formality and the Register of the Email. Learn when to write more formally or informally, and how to do so.

Opening & Closing. Learn the most appropriate ways to start and end an email, and to follow the best practices.

Deadlines. Learn how to write in such a way, that the recipient is much more likely to respond promptly.

Use this section to highlight the main features and/or main benefits of your product.

Professional Email Writing

How to write a business email

Learn how to write a business email, from writing the subject  and salutation, through the closing and signature block. This course will teach you the mechanics of a business email.

writing effective business emails

Learn how to write effective emails that achieve your goals. Not only increase the rate of responses to your emails, but increase quality of the responses. We write emails with a purpose or objective in mind - learn to write the email in a way that will help achieve this objective.

professional email writing tips

Besides the mechanics of writing professional emails, this course also shares important strategies and tips that will help you in your writing. 

Too Many Emails are Hard to Read and Understand

Many people spend far too much time responding to email; one estimate is that the average office worker spends the equivalent of one day per week just on email.

Most of these emails are written poorly and, to make it worse, are far longer than they should be. This is frustrating to everyone. 

Learning how to write effective emails is an essential skill every professional needs. 

What Problems do you Encounter?

If you run into any of these problems when emailing, then this course can help you

  • Trouble expressing yourself? Need to sound more professional? 
  • Can't explain what you need to say? Or what you are asking the reader to do?
  • Not getting useful replies? The replies do not answer your questions? Or not getting the answer you want?
  • Not getting a reply at all?

Professional Emails

Communicate Clearly.

Persuade Easily.

Learn More

Business Writing Email Course

Write Professional Emails in English

If English is not your native language, yet you need to send and receive emails in English, this course will help you. 

How to Write an Email

Learn the fundamentals of how to write an email. Understand the technical terms and common phrases used, as well as the normal format.

How to Write a Professional Email

Whatever the purpose of your email, you need to know how to write a professional email. You always want to impress people with your professional skills and excellence in email writing is an important aspect.

How to Write a Business Email

So much business is conducted via email in today's world. It is fundamental to effectively write a business email to your colleagues and clients.

Who Should Take this course


If you write & receive emails, then this course can help you write more effective emails. Whether you are new in the business world, or have been writing emails for decades, there are plenty of tips & strategies in this course that will benefit you. 

University Students

If you are preparing to start your career, don't neglect the vital skill of writing emails. Everyone in business writes emails, yet many universities and corporations neglect to teach these skills which you will use on a daily basis throughout your career. 


If English is not your native language, yet you write & receive emails in English, then this course can help you write better emails! You will learn common expressions used in emails, related grammar, and understand the different levels of formality and different tones that can be used.

About Timothy

Originally from the United States, Timothy Barrett has been a professor in Georgia for the past several years. He has taught Business English and Writing to many professionals, in the classroom and individually. 

Professor Barrett has taught Legal English to over 1,000 students, practicing attorneys and judges, over the past several years. He also has developed a master's program focused on International Business Law. Recently, he published his first book, available on Amazon now.

Before moving to Georgia, he was a practicing attorney in the United States, with significant courtroom and jury trial experience. He has a background in business and civil law, as well as in criminal law.

What Former Students Say About Timothy

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Very Great Lesson

A very great lesson, we checked the writing session and I learn so much from your suggestions, These are very useful to make me improve, I really appreciate what you help in the lesson, Thanks Tim.

Jack Small Business Owner

Full of Patience

Teacher is full of patience and detailed explained the meaning the new vocabularies for me. Great experience.

Anonymous Business Executive

Shares his own Experiences

Teacher is nice and willing to share a lot of local practices and his own experience about business [and] presentations

Anonymous Account Executive

Teaching Patiently

I am so enjoyed in the lesson with you, giving me useful materials to study. In the meantime, sharing a lot of great working experiences to each other during the class. I would say thank you for your teaching patiently

Queenie Accountant

Learned a lot

I can only recommend him as a teacher! I felt really comfortable in the lessons I had so far and learned a lot in a short period of time.

Dilara Attorney

Knows what he is talking about

I felt like he knows what he is talking about and can really help me.

Dilara Attorney

Encourages Me

I like the way how Timothy plan for the course. He always cuts to the chase. We can practice a lot and won't waste any time in the class. He reminds me to pay attention to some details patiently and gives me many examples which help me to memorize those. The most important that he always encourages me so I can have more confidence to speak better. Thanks Timothy.

Vian Business Student

Very Great Teacher

A very great teacher, Thanks Tim. You have helped me a lot so my confidence raise a lot after taking the lesson with you. You always provide very useful and valuable suggestions for me. So i learn so much from your lesson.

Jack Small Business Owner

Willing to listen

Timothy is really a good English teacher. He is willing to listen to what the student need and try to offer the best to help with. He gave feedback to every single practice and let me know what I can do better to meet the requirement for the test. Thanks Timothy.

Vian Business Student

Guiding Students

Timothy is so nice and he prepared the materials are very suitable for guiding students to practice. The atmosphere of the class is also relaxed.

Charles Tsai Businessman

Encouraged me to speak

Timothy ask a lot of questions and initiated topics related to myself and my work, which in turn encouraged me to speak. He also corrects my mistakes in a subtle way so the conversation is not being disturbed.

Terrence Physicist

Very good lesson

Very good lesson with Tim. He is really patient to teach everything for me, especially for writing and speaking. There are various skills he taught me, i would like to try my best to learn and practice them. So, Tim. is really good teacher for every student if they want to learn English better.

Jack Business Owner

Friendly and engaging teacher

Timothy is friendly and engaging teacher. He is also very flexible and adapts his teaching strategies to your needs. As a result, you'll have tons of opportunities to practice speaking by talking about different topics to which you can relate your life and experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

Funda Computer Engineer

Lots of Practice Opportunity

The business expression taught in class were useful and there are lots of practice opportunity. Look forward to learn more about other business English in next lesson.

Ben Business Executive

Experienced English Teacher

Timothy was an experienced English teacher. He gave me useful comment and constructive method to practise.

Cindy Account Manager

Customized the Lesson

Teacher will customize the lesson which was suitable for you. Always being patient and willing to share experience. We practiced business English expression which was pretty useful.

Anonymous Account Manager

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Business Email Writing

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