4 Business-English & 4 Legal English

The Story

We started 4 Legal English to help teach the lexicon or vocabulary of the law to international lawyers and others. However, it was clear there is a large overlap with Business-English and there are many other professionals seeking to improve their skills as well. Accordingly, we started the 4 Business-English site. We have some courses that are specific to each of these fields, but other courses that are relevant for both. 

While teaching students online during the 2020 pandemic, it became obvious that virtual lectures alone were not effective. With these two websites, we are trying to maximize the advantages of an online course, while minimizing the disadvantages. This creates a tremendous e-course for people all over the world! Wherever you are, you can improve your English language and communication skills. 

4 Business-English

4BE focuses on Business English and communication skills for people in business and other professions. Many people find it vital to improve their professional communication skills in this modern age. By improving your skills, you are investing in yourself and in your future!

4 Legal English

4LE focuses on Legal English and communication skills for lawyers, judges, law students, and other legal professionals. There is a high demand for many attorneys to be knowledgeable in English - for researching and understanding international treaties and jurisprudence, for communicating with international colleagues and even international tribunals, and of course for communicating with international clients. 

4LE Podcast

In addition to the blog and courses on the 4LE website, we also have a podcast. Timothy Barrett hosts the 4 Legal English Podcast. Although some episodes are focused on strictly legal issues, there are many episodes that overlap with Business-English topics. Please check out this podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts!