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The Elemental Business English course offers structured modules covering essential business vocabulary and effective communication techniques. Practice through interactive exercises and real-world scenarios.

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I am so enjoyed in the lesson with you, giving me useful materials to study. In the meantime, sharing a lot of great working experiences to each other during the class. I would say thank you for your teaching patiently


I can only recommend him as a teacher! I felt really comfortable in the lessons I had so far and learned a lot in a short period of time.


The business expression taught in class were useful and there are lots of practice opportunity. Look forward to learn more about other business English in next lesson.


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What's in the program

Module 1: Introduction

Introduction to Business English; some general terms; discussion of the Supply Chain

Module 2: Business Organizations

Learn about various business organizations: Sole Traders; Partnerships; LLP's; LLC's; Private Limited Companies; Public Limited Companies

Module 3: Corporate Lexicon

Covers topics such as: People in the Company; their Duties; Business Reorganizations; Intellectual Property Rights

Module 4: Public Companies

This chapter includes Board Meetings; Shareholder Meetings; Stock Markets; and Governance & Management

Module 5: Accounting

Learn about accounting terms and concepts that are frequently encountered in the business world.

Module 6: Banking

This chapter covers common banking terms, including opening an account, using a bank account, and loans.

Module 7: Business Contracts

Covers topics related to contracts commonly encountered in business: including the elements required to form a contract, types of contracts, and a discussion of a hypothetical contract.

Module 8: Employment & HR

The final chapter includes topics about employment, hiring, benefits, and misconduct & disciplinary issues.

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